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Nasyam therapy

March 26, 2022 62 people Latest news

Nasya is a kind of Panchakarma treatment for body cleansing a used in Ayurvedic medicine. Administration of drugs by the route of nasal cavity is termed as nasya, nāvana, nasya karma, etcetera are synonymous to nasya. Nasya therapy is an Ayurvedic process that can help clean the upper respiratory passage by draining out the excessive mucus. The term “Nasya” refers to the nose and the treatment involves the use of medicated oils, ghee, powders, juices of raw herbs (brahmi), honey, milk, salts, water etc. As in rainy season most part of the day is cloudy without sunlight, it is not recommended to do nasya in such case. However you can do Anu Taila Nasya which is recommended for daily use in Ayurveda. If it rains on that day and its cloudy then avoid Nasya.

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