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Ayurvedic Massage
for Rejuvenation

We’re in an age where most of the things are automated, making life very busy. The digital influences also are taking a lot of our productive time. We work more than our fathers & forefathers used to work AND we often don’t realize how all this has affected our personal lives and has disturbed our peace of mind.

Ancient Ayurveda has explored the hidden secrets of rejuvenating the body and mind for the benefit of mankind.

Ancient Ayurveda has explored the hidden secrets of rejuvenating the body and mind for the benefit of mankind.

Vedic Sutrra brings to you “Ayurvedic Massage for Rejuvenation” which is one of the best therapies/procedures in Ayurveda designed for ultimate relaxation that deeply refreshes your body, mind, and soul.

Ayurvedic Massage for Rejuvenation is a process where the whole body is massaged with medicated oils. These therapies are popular in terms of refilling positive energy in your body and mind.

As Ayurveda considers any defects in the human body which is mainly because of imbalances in three important elements called doshas: Vata, Pitta, and Kapha.

Ayurvedic Rejuvenation | Vedic Sutrra Wellness Center | NOIDA

Vata is one of the principles of doshas, and it is responsible for the movement and functions of the body. Kapha is another principal dosha, and it is responsible for body fluids and lubrication. When these doshas get out of balance, harmful wastes build up in the body.

That’s why Ayurvedic treatments focus on bringing these imbalanced doshas back into balance.

The Rejuvenation Journey begins with a thorough consultation with a highly experienced and Expert Ayurvedic Specialist Dr. Anu Jaim, who will customize the package according to your body-mind condition and constitution. The therapy typically includes the following set of treatments:

Dhara (to help you relax your mind & body to get healthy):

  • Shirodhara: Warm herbal oil poured gently on your forehead.
  • Ksheeradhara: Milk mixed with herbs poured gently on your forehead.

Rejuvenation Massages (to make your body strong and to strengthen muscles):

  • Pizhichal: A combination of oil massage with sweating.
  • Abhyangam: A full-body massage
  • Shiro Abhyangam: A soothing & relaxing head massage.

Kizhi (A Poultice massage for pain relief or stiffness):

  • Navarakizhi: A Poultice massage with a special type of rice and herbs mixed with milk.
  • Elakizhi: A Poultice massage using leaves and herbs.

Eye Care (to rejuvenate and cleanse your eyes):

  • Nethratharpanam: A special treatment to rejuvenate your eyes.
  • Nethrakshalanam: A cleaning treatment for your eyes.

How Ayurvedic Massage Helps in Your Health


Apart from internal relaxation, rejuvenation therapy helps in anti-ageing of the body and makes you feel good overall. Rejuvenation not only helps in giving you a younger look but also helps you live young.

Body Detoxification

 Ayurvedic oils used in the Abhyanga procedure penetrate the skin cells and help in the detoxification of our body from head to toe, inside out. It also helps to improve our physical & emotional wellbeing. The oils, herbs, and massage are carefully selected and are customized to your body type and doshas, allowing you to precipitate toxins and promote cell self-healing.

Cell Regeneration

Cell Regeneration

This therapy does a lot of good things to your body. It helps in cell regeneration, heals your bones and nerves, makes your mind calm, slows down ageing, and fixes problems that come with getting older.

Blood Flow

Improves Blood Flow and
Activates Internal Organs:

Abhyanga promotes improved blood circulation, helping in the quick removal of metabolic wastes from the body. It helps in faster relief from many diseases occurring out of the accumulation of toxins in our body.

Strengthening of the Immune System

Regular Ayurvedic massages are best to keep you healthy if used on a regular basis. The special oils and gentle rubbing help your body make more antibodies to fight diseases.

Helps You Sleep Better and
Relaxes Your Nerves

The warm oils used in the massage and their nice smell can help you relax quickly. It has been observed that rejuvenation massage can help to lower blood pressure. It is also an excellent treatment for persons suffering from insomnia or other sleeping disorders.

Who Should Get an Ayurvedic Massage?

Ayurvedic massages are great for many people, especially those who:

Who wants to feel younger, stronger and more relaxed: Massaging oil onto the body can make your body feel softer and stronger. It can also help you look younger and live longer.

Have trouble sleeping: If you struggle with insomnia or have trouble getting a good night’s sleep, an Ayurvedic massage might help you fix your sleep patterns.

Feel tired all the time: If you’re always tired and worn out, this therapy can help boost your energy levels and make your body’s organs work better by improving blood circulation. It’s especially good for calming down Vata and Pitta doshas.

Benefits of Rejuvenation Therapy:

  • It’s not only boosts your immunity & helps in detoxification of the body but also helps to lower stress levels and improve restful sleep.
  • Special treatments like panchakarma help remove harmful wastes from your body and keep everything in balance.
  • It also improves your blood circulation, detoxifies deeply, and gives you youthful glowing skin.
  • The cells under your skin absorb the ayurvedic oils and creams used in the massage, giving them new energy and making you feel refreshed.
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