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Ayurvedic Treatment for Cervical Spondylosis

Cervical Spondylitis Treatment

Ayurvedic care for Cervical Spondylosis embraces the power of herbal medicines and therapies designed to bring relief and healing. The treatment targets muscle relaxation, alleviation of inflammation around nerves and tissues, and overall strengthening of muscles and nerves.

Abhyanga (Therapeutic Oil Massage):

One key therapy involves Abhyanga, a soothing therapeutic oil massage. This helps in calming muscles and promoting a sense of relaxation. The gentle yet firm strokes of this massage aim to ease tension and improve blood circulation, contributing to the overall well-being of the neck region.

Swedana (Sweating or Heat Therapy):

Swedana, or heat therapy, is another vital component. The application of heat aids in relieving stiffness and discomfort. It helps in opening up pores, facilitating the removal of toxins, and promoting flexibility in the neck area.

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Basti Treatment:

Basti treatment plays a significant role in pacifying Vata dosha, focusing on delivering therapeutic substances directly to the colon and the nervous system. This targeted approach aids in balancing energies and promoting overall wellness.

Greeva Basti:

Specifically tailored for the neck region, Greeva Basti is a specialized Ayurvedic treatment highly relevant for conditions like cervical spondylosis. By focusing on this crucial area, it aims to bring relief, reduce inflammation, and support the healing process.

In the ayurvedic management of cervical spondylosis, additional therapies like Virechanam, Shalishastika Pinda Swedana, and Greeva Pichu play a vital role. These therapies collectively work towards relieving pain, reducing inflammation, strengthening tissues, and preventing the recurrence of symptoms.

Incorporating these Ayurvedic therapies into the treatment plan can contribute to a comprehensive and effective approach in managing cervical spondylosis. The blend of traditional wisdom and therapeutic practices offers a pathway to healing and improved well-being.

At vedic sutrra, you can get rid of your cervical spondylosis pain with the help for ayurveda.

Understanding Cervical Spondylosis

In our body’s complex structure, think of the neck as having seven stacked bones that make up the cervical spine. This part is crucial for balancing how flexible and stable we can be. Over time, though, the wear and tear on the neck can cause a condition called “Cervical Spondylosis.” It’s a term that covers the gradual damage happening to the cervical spine.

Picture the spine as a well-worn book, each page representing a vertebra, and as life’s chapters unfold, the pages start to show signs of aging. In the healthcare world, we call this natural aging process “osteoarthritis of the neck” or simply “arthritis of the neck.

For those dealing with cervical spondylosis, it’s like the neck becomes a canvas of discomfort – aching, hurting, and often feeling stiff. While healthcare experts may not have a cure for this, what they’re really good at is preventing it from getting worse. They focus on keeping things balanced, so the discomfort stays manageable.

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Symptoms of Cervical Spondylitis


Neck Pain






Tingling or Numbness in Limbs


Weakness in Muscles

Common Causes of Cervical Spondylitis

Aging and Wear | Cervical Spondylitis | Vedic Sutrra Wellness Center | NOIDA

Aging and Wear

Cervical spondylosis often happens as we get older. The discs and joints in our neck gradually wear down over the years, leading to degeneration and the development of cervical spondylosis.

Disc Issues | Cervical Spondylitis | Vedic Sutrra Wellness Center | NOIDA

Disc Issues

The cushions between our neck bones, called discs, can herniate due to injuries or wear. When these discs press on the nerves in the neck, it contributes to cervical spondylosis.

Bad Posture and Strain | Cervical Spondylitis | Vedic Sutrra Wellness Center | NOIDA

Bad Posture and Strain

Spending a lot of time with poor posture, especially in the digital age, and straining our neck muscles repeatedly can contribute to cervical spondylosis. Incorrect posture while working or using electronic devices can speed up the degeneration process.

Genetics at Play | Cervical Spondylitis | Vedic Sutrra Wellness Center | NOIDA

Genetics at Play

Genetic factors also play a role in cervical spondylosis. If it runs in the family, individuals may be more likely to develop this condition.

Neck Injuries Impact | Cervical Spondylitis | Vedic Sutrra Wellness Center | NOIDA

Neck Injuries Impact

Trauma or injuries to the neck, like accidents or falls, can speed up the wearing down of the neck’s bones, increasing the risk of cervical spondylosis.

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