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Dr. Anu Jaiswal is One of The Best Ayurvedic Doctor in Noida



Founder, and CEO
Vedic Sutrra Wellness Centre

Ayurvedic Doctor in Noida


Ayurvedic Physician with an experience of 21 years

Are You looking for Best Ayurvedic Doctor in Noida You Are in Right Place. Dr. Anu Jaiswal is a practising Ayurvedic Physician with an experience of 21 years. She graduated from the Govt. Rishikulmayurvedic College & Hospital Haridwar, Uttrakhand, India.

Dr. Anu Jaiswal is an experienced, skilled and awarded doctor in her field of specialization. Dr Anu, Ayurvedic medical consultations aim to identify underlying causes of illness rather than just managing the symptoms. These medical consultations are a different approach to looking at the whole person in an in-depth way, considering your dietary and family history, environmental and lifestyle factors.

She is the best ayurvedic doctor in Noida and well versed with the use of shockwave technology, PEMF technology, I-lipo, and has diligently worked in combining Ayurveda with technology for over 21 years, for timeless and more effective therapies. By combining Marma with PEMF and Shock Wave Therapy with Potli, she has made a significant contribution to Techno-Ayurveda, accelerating the treatment time to 10 times.

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