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Padabhyanga hails from Ayurveda meaning foot massage. It revitalizes, calms and balances various disturbances of the autonomic nervous system.

It focuses on 5 marmas out of the 107 marmas that are locate in each foot and releases the negative energy from them. Sesame oil—a powerful antioxidant is most commonly in this process, as it gets easily absorbed and nourishes the skin. Ayurveda treats every patient as a unique subject, in some of the cases medicated oil or medicated ghee can also be used.

Benefits of Padbhyanga Ayurvedic Therapy:

  • Relaxes tired feet and legs – particularly for those with a lifestyle that tires the feet.
  • Prevents the occurrence of corns over the feet
  • Is a massage with oil, which is why it is so very nourishing and moisturizing.
  • Relieves stiffness along the arch of the foot
  • Allays the Tired feeling or restlessness experienced in the foot
  • Improves your circulation, which addresses the numbness in the feet.
  • Softens the texture of the soles.
  • Tones the muscles of the foot.
  • Releases heat and makes you feel calm and cool, relaxed, refreshed and yet revitalized.
  • Absolutely Natural. There are no electronic gadgets, batteries or any chemical creams or treatments used.
padabhyanga therapy
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