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Kansa Facial

What is Kansa facial?

For centuries, ancient Ayurvedic wisdom and unique tools have been used together to enhance health and strength, increase energy, support general well-being & longevity and relieve stress.

“Traditionally, Kansa is said to pull Pitta or excess fieriness that has accumulated in our tissues out of the body through our skin. Some of this is because of the physical process of friction (rubbing). The result is the pulling and drawing of heat, acidity, inflammation and toxins out of the body.

Benefits of Kansa Facial:

  1. Get instant beauty enhancement and breathe new life into your skin to look younger, more alive and vibrant
  2. Undergo a one-of-a-kind experience of healing, deep relaxation, complete rejuvenation and revitalization with revived energy – all at the same time
  3. Combat the effects of skin pollution, stress and internal imbalances through an enjoyable way of releasing heat, acidity and toxins through your skin
  4. No chemicals, electronic gadgets or any kind of unnatural radiations used
  5. Instant results: tightening effect, beautifully glowing skin, spontaneous relaxation and rejuvenation.
Metal of Ayurveda, the Science of Health and Longevity practiced throughout the East.

Known to have extraordinary beauty enhancing and soothing properties, Kansa has a powerful effect as a stress reliever, for relaxation and the subtle body energies known in Ayurvedic medicine.

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