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Medicated Facial

The techniques that rely on skin cleansing and purification, based on medicated chemicals.

Medicated Facial in Noida

Radiant skin with no spots is no more just a girl-thing albeit guys have also become conscious for their skin. It is good to protect your skin from the harmful effects of UV rays, pollution, and other adverse factors. Skin of men is as delicate as women’s skin and needs equal care. There are various national & international companies in the market that sell skin care products on a large scale. Most of such products are chemical-based and harm the skin badly. To reduce the adverse effects on the skin, medicated facial is the best way which is performed by the medical experts using the medicated products only.

At Vedic Sutrra, we have the facility to offer the best medicated facial in Noida. It’s a kind of skin treatment that exfoliates the dead cells and prevents acne & pimples. Resultantly, the skin starts shining and brightening with a flawless glow. Apart from the medicated facial, Vedic Sutrra also offers other skin treatments including medicated facial, skin polishing, anti tan facial, matte facial, photo facial, milk peel, etc.

Benefits of Medicated Facial in Noida

The medicated facial by the experts at Vedic Sutrra are beneficial in multiple ways:

  1. Exfoliation of dead skin cells
  2. Reduce the effects of tanning
  3. Effective for skin brightening
  4. Enhance the radiance of skin


If you want to get rid of dullness of the skin, then immediately get in touch with the skin experts at Vedic Sutrra where the harmless skin treatments are available. The best medicated facial in Noida is provided only at Vedic Sutrra. Visit now!

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